EINSENSE Q 3D digital inspection software is based on discrete 3D scan data, and its core technology mainly involves the accurate alignment between reference data and scan data,  chromatographic analysis of deviation, automatic calculation of geometrical tolerance, etc..The alignment accuracy between reference data and scan data directly affects the accuracy of subsequent deviation calculation.

      EINSENSE Q is the first 3D digital inspection software developed by Hangzhou Hongshen Technology Co., Ltd. The high-precision fitting method in software has been certified by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in November 2020. It is the first industrial-grade 3D scanning inspection software in China to obtain this certification, and it has reached the international advanced level.

      In addition, the software has three key deviation analysis methods: whole deviation, section deviation and point deviation. At the same time, it provides cloud chart function of chromatogram deviation distribution for accurate mapping of tolerance with intuitive judgment basis for deviation distribution. In the field of mechanical assembly, geometrical tolerance  function is extremely important. EINSENSE Q can automatically capture and identify the corresponding scan data features according to the predefined geometrical tolerance information by CAD, and accurately calculate geometrical tolerance in 3D or 2D. All test features and results are automatically generated and output in standardized PDF format based on predefined templates. EINSENSE Q developed by Hongshen is characterized by its high precision, automation and convenience, providing powerful and effective 3D digital solutions for automotive, aerospace, electronics, ship and medical fields.